Steel Refractories - Resco Products


For the better part of a century Resco Products has been providing the Iron & Steel industry the high-quality refractory materials necessary for consistent production. As the demand for Iron & Steel has changed drastically over the past century Resco Products has been at the forefront of the refractory industry manufacturing standard and custom products. 

Our dedicated steel product specialists act as an extension of your team looking out for your best interest. Their background and experience within the steel industry give them the unique ability to provide a customized solution encompassing your goals.

Resco has developed unique solutions for each application assisting customers in reducing downtime and increasing production by streamlining workflows. Resco Products creates a unique workflow for each customer to establish an optimized delivery schedule. On select products, Resco keeps the select products in stock for unexpected demand.

Refractory Lining for Steel Applications

Resco Products manufactures high-quality refractory products for the steel industry.  Products include refractory brick, castables, mortars, plastics, rams, and more. Resco product lines have a proven track record for over 30 years including Nuline and Oxiline.

Steel Industry Applications