Resco is a leading supplier of brick and monolithic refractories in the paper industry. Resco's high alumina gun mixes, castables, and shotcrete products are commonly installed. Refractories for the paper industry are commonly found in many locations, including:

  • preheat towers
  • nose rings
  • chain sections
  • clinker coolers
  • firing hoods
  • feed end housings

Many lime producers have benefitted from reduced downtime by installing Resco's QUIKTURN products. The QuikTurn family of monolithic refractories can be rapidly heated soon after installation.

Alumina Brick for Preheating and Burning Zones

60% to 70% alumina brick linings are often used in preheating zones and burning zones of many lime recovery kilns. Resco provides products superior to the 60-70% alumina brick: SENECA 60P.

SENECA 60P exhibits excellent alkali resistance from the mullite primary raw material, excellent for pulping processes. A positive reheat property improves the stability of the lining, as it tends to tighten during service. Pulp and paper industry benefits from, SENECA 60P's phosphate-bonding providing good mechanical strength. For more traditional one-component recovery kiln linings, RESCAL 70D has been widely used.