Clay and Minerals Refractories - Resco Products

Refractory Clays & Minerals

Resco Products is a manufacturer of both clay & mineral refractories.  High quality refractory clays produced from our Cedar Heights facility and refractory minerals from our Piedmont Minerals facility are known the world over for their high temperature resistances.  Refractory clay also known as fire clay is utilized to manufacture ceramics and fire brick.

Cedar Heights Clay is committed to be a full line supplier by offering a wide range of products. All clays available as 200 mesh in 50-pound bags. Bulk packaging is also available. 

The standard in red firing earthenware clays. 
Roseville Stoneware Clay© 
Comes alive in reduction, salt, and wood-fired atmospheres. 
Salt Lick Stoneware Clay© 
Light buff colored clay, excellent in once fired bodies. 
Beautiful cream-colored clay all through the firing range, extremely plastic. 

The Hillsborough deposit located in the “Piedmont” of North Carolina has been producing consistent ore since it opened in 1958. Classification and blending at the mine allow for versatile chemical and mineralogical classes of products. Our product families contain: Alkatrol©, Andafrac©, Pyrofrac©, Pyrophyl©, Pyrotrol©. Resco Products also provides cartop blocks and other kiln furniture located under cartop/kiln furniture refractories.