Non-Ferrous Metals Refractories

Resco Products has been providing the non-ferrous metals industry the high-quality products necessary for consistent production. Resco understands that each metal reacts differently and that no process is identical.

With a melting point well above 4,000°F, refractories with high levels of corrosion, oxidation, and chemical resistance. Producing the cleanest metals is extremely important and Resco creates a customized refractory solution that fits your application.

Non-Ferrous Metals Refractories

Resco offers non-ferrous metals refractories including monolithics/castables. Ranging from high alumina castables for induction furnace to basic gun mixes and castables for maintenance of smelting furnaces.

Resco Product non-ferrous metals representative acts as an extension of your team looking out for your best interest. Resco has developed unique solutions for each application assisting customers in reducing downtime and increasing production by streamlining workflows.

Resco Products creates optimized workflows for each customer to establish an optimized delivery schedule. Resco keeps the select products in stock for unexpected demand. We understand what is important to you.