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Expertise and dedication in the refractory industry

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High quality refractory products to serve.

Worldwide Industry Solutions

Resco Products provides the highest quality of refractories and knowledge coupled with being a leading source of R&D advancements. Our seasoned team provides the expertise, passion, and attention to detail providing our customers the value-added service they need to succeed. As a leading refractory manufacturer Resco Products provides refractory brick, mortar, precast, preshape, clay & minerals, and castable refractory products capable of exceeding your needs. Our refractories go through extensive testing ensuring mechanical physical and high-temperature properties are optimal for each customer.

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We provide expert driven and designed custom solutions for your project.

Our experienced engineering department is backed by State-of-the-Art equipment providing you a new way to experience and evaluate your business.

High quality products for hundreds of applications.

No application is too challenging for our team of experts. As a leading global manufacturer of refractory our high-quality products and service coupled with our attention to detail we’re driven to surpass your application expectations.

Refractory Manufacturer

Resco Products, Inc. is a full line global refractory manufacturer supported by unparalleled refractory applications expertise and value-added refractory solutions. A privately-owned company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Resco serves major industries such as steel, copper, nickel, aluminum, hydrocarbon processing, cement and lime production.


We offer a full line of refractory products including brick, clay-alumina castables, gun mixes, magnesia-based specialties, mortars, plastics and precast shapes. Yet, our strength lies in our people whose knowledge base, experience, and dedication to serve our customers defines the company mission.

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Resco Products


Castable Refractory

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Aluminum Furnace Refractory Solutions for the United Kingdom (UK)

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Secondary Aluminum Refractory for the United Kingdom (UK)

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Aluminum Industry Refractory Maintenance in the United Kingdom (UK)

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