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Rotary Hearth Furnace

Resco Products is a manufacturer of high quality refractory products for rotary hearth furnaces. The walls and roof of the furnace are stationary while the hearth moves circular on rollers carrying the material. During this process heated gas moves in the opposite direction as temperatures reach 1300°C. Ensuring the right refractory products are installed gives you the ability to withstand the changes in temperature, pressure, and provides you reduced heat loss compared to a bogie furnace.

Your Resco rotary hearth furnace specialist will evaluate your procedures and conditions to recommend the right refractory and insulating materials. Our specialist will recommend the best solutions to ensure the product lasts through more cycles while reducing heat loss through.

For the rotary hearth furnace application Resco Products commonly sells Rescobond 3000GKricon 28Rescocast 3Vibrocast 50 and more.