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Contact Cooler Refractories

The contact cooler receives the lime from the rotary kiln. The cooler reduces the product temperature to ambient by blowing air upwards through the bed of lime. Normal refractory for the contact cooler includes an insulation layer. Followed by several inches of dense castable or gunning mix for the working lining.

Refractories for Lime Contact Cooler

Since temperatures are relatively moderate, fireclay-based materials are preferred for good insulation and cost values. For casting applications, EZ Cubed 2700 provides a good combination of installation ease and excellent physical properties. EZ Cubed 2700 may be vibration placed or pump cast as the installer recommends. Rescocast 3-35 and Rescocast 3 are good choices for the insulation layer.

The firing hood is the breaching between the rotary kiln and the contact cooler. Gunite is the preferred method of application due to the amount of overhead installation. Rescocast 15GM is a castable/gunning mix with excellent versatility for the hot face layer. Rescocast 3-35 and Rescocast 3 are also appropriate selections for the back-up layer.