Burner Pipe Refractories

Burner Pipes

Burner pipes introduce fuel into the cement kiln where it ignites, creating heat for the process. Refractory castables line the outside of the burner pipe leading into the rotary kiln. These castables require proper refractoriness, good thermal shock resistance, alkali resistance, and strong abrasion resistance.

Selecting the right high-temperature refractory helps create an improved burner design reducing failures. A well-designed burner zone will extend the life of your refractory is extreme conditions.

Solution for Burner Pipes

The refractory lining for burner pipes can be zoned corresponding to the wear conditions, which may depend on the specific application. Examples of appropriate refractory products for burner pipes include QuikTurn 32-70 and R-Max castables.

Burner Pipe Rotary Kiln