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Waste-To-Energy (Refuse)

Waste to energy (refuse) is the process in which garbage is recycled to make energy. This requires special material and maintenance to meet industry requirements. Refuse systems use mechanical methods to shred municipal solid waste separating the materials between combustible or non-combustible. Resco’s products and precast shapes will help you meet those requirements. Our products are designed to increase efficiency and decrease costs. Resco’s products provide the thermal and abrasion resistance needed and the ability to withstand alkali and chemical attacks. Municipal solid waste, garbage, is burned at a waste-to-energy plant to create energy through steam. Some facilities also burn waste to reduce the amount of garbage the volume entering into landfills.

Refractories for Waste-To-Energy (Refuse) Industry

Resco provides products for the primary and secondary burn chambers as well as additional products as needed. Our Resco waste incineration specialist will evaluate your procedure and conditions to recommend the best products for your unique processes.

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Low Cement Castable

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Fine grained/shotcretable/sic containing/low cement castable
Fine grained/shotcretable/sic containing/low cement castable