Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)

Electric Arc Furnace Refractory

An Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) is a firebrick-lined U-shaped steel making vessel installed with a retractable roof where graphite electrodes enter the furnace. Typically lined with resin-bonded magnesia-carbon products that permit the eaf operator to run with slags that are neutral to very basic in composition. EAF steel production use magnesia-chrome compositions in part or total to handle their specific needs.  Typical design requires different materials for the bottom, lower sidewall and upper sidewall cold and hot spots.

Electric Arc Furnace Process

The EAF is filled with scrap and/or other manufactured iron units. The scrap is melted with high-powered electric arcs from the node/nodes creating molten metal. High quality refractory brick is required to withstand the high temperatures reducing heat loss to create liquid steel. Modern EAF vessels have oxygen burners on the side to prevent cold spots in the melting scrap metal process. Once the melt is complete it is transferred into a ladle to start the next process.

Your Resco Products EAF steel representative will be able to access which brick will be necessary and the correct installation methods. If you need a unique solution we can leverage our engineering and R&D departments to create schematics and 3D modeling to meet specifications. Common Resco products utilized in an EAF consist of Nuline 10-99 and Nuline 15 DFP a mag-carbon brick for their resistance to slag attack and high temperatures generated from generated arc energy.  To view a complete breakdown of recommended refractory products for an electric arc furnace by zone view our EAF Article.  Resco products are also designed for electric arc furnace maintenance and extending the life of your vessel.  

Resco Products EAF Diagram

Resco Products EAF Diagram

There are three main types of subhearths when constructing an electric arc furnace.  

EAF Deltas
The center of an EAF roof is called the delta. The delta faces three types of conditions: thermal, chemical, and mechanical. Your Resco Products refractory representative can evaluate your processes and the conditions to determine the best refractory pre-cast products to deal with the combination of these factors to provide the best life at the best cost/ton. 

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