Resco Products Glass Furnace Diagram

Glass Refractory Construction Designs

Resco now offers products containing zirconia. This new family includes brick and a castable. RESCOMAG EZM is a burned magnesia-zircon brick designed for HPC checkers. It is 81% MgO, 11% ZrO2.

QuikTurn AZS-GL PC combines alumina-zirconia-silica aggregate with Resco’s popular QuikTurn technology into a pumpable, shotcretable, castable. This new product can be dried out at an accelerated rate to reduce downtime.
Resco offers many quality products in addition to the ones listed above. We offer multiple choices in the following product families: alumina brick, magnesia brick, magnesia chrome bricks, magnesia carbon bricks, magnesia specialties, and clay-alumina specialties. Some of the well-known brand names available include Spray Mix, Rescobond, Rescocast, Kricon, Purotab.

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