Wet Mortar

Spray Mix S-506

SPRAY MIX® is a 40% alumina, superduty fireclay, air-setting refractory coating mix with a service temperature limit of 3000ºF. It is specially designed to lengthen the life of the refractory to which it is applied. With refractory properties similar to superduty brick, it is especially well suited for patching firebrick walls that are spalled and worn. SPRAY MIX® adheres well to the refractory surface and forms a bond with it at normal furnace operating temperatures. The surface should be carefully built up by spraying successive thin layers over top of one another. It can be used as a preventative maintenance veneer coating over new walls. It can be placed by spraying, trowelling, or hand packing to a refractory surface cleaned of loose material and dust and moistened to prevent loss of water from the coating. It adheres best when applied to a hot or warm lining.

Chemistry Alumina
Key Ingredient
Binder Air Setting
Location USA
Installation Method Trowelling
Category Mortar

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