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Resco Products, Inc. has been supplying petrochemical industry products, like Rescobond AA-22S, to refineries around the world for decades. This experience helps us provide quality refractories that are well-suited and performance-proven for your specific application. These products can include materials that are lightweight, insulating, dense, erosion-resistant, extreme erosion-resistant, or tabular alumina-based for when purity is required. In addition to a wide range of product types, Resco offers monolithic products for just about any installation method, including cast vibrating, guniting, shotcreting/pumping, self-flow, hand pack/ramming, and troweling. Our offerings include a range of brick qualities, too. Check out the list of potential HPI/Petrochem applications below.


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  • Air distribution
  • Cyclones
  • Flue gas lines
  • Reactor
  • Reformers
  • Regenerator
  • Slide valves

The operating condition in each of the listed applications can vary greatly. That's why Resco offers a wide variety of products appropriate for HPI/Petrochem. Over many years of industry experience, we have developed a full range of solutions specifically engineered to meet the ends of each application.

If they are to be specified for the next maintenance turnaround, monolithic refractories must withstand severe abrasion due to alumina catalyst, carbon monoxide exposure, carbon penetration and thermal shock for long periods of time. Resco monolithic refractories have a long history of superior performance under these conditions. Our products are specified and installed by major oil and engineering companies worldwide because they perform reliably and consistently.

Resco supplies abrasion resistant lightweight and medium weight castables, shotcrete and gun mixes. Resco has built its global reputation on products like Rescobond AA-22S and Rescocast 17EC. Rescobond AA-22S is the industry standard for abrasion resistant linings in cyclones. Rescocast 17EC is the most widely specified abrasion resistant castable in the industry. Resco conducts extensive product development on monolithic refractories for oil refineries and petrochemical plants to ensure that we provide our customers with state-of-the-art options. A current example is our R-Max family of abrasion resistant, ultra-high strength monolithic refractories.

With proven brands like Rescobond AA-22S, Rescocast 17EC/EG, Rescocast 9/9LI, R-Max MP, Rescocast 110C/G, and a full line of Sureflow products, Resco has what you need for your demanding application.

Contact Us for HPI/PETROCHEM Products and More Because of Resco's industry experience, we can find a custom solution to suit your needs with a variety of products and materials. Possible applications include carbon black reactor, CO boiler, FCCU, heater, seal pots, SRU and transfer lines. Our specialists will discuss your business with you, then our engineering and R&D team will design everything to your exact specifications. Check out our available services to see what we can offer.

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