RESCOCAST 110G is a unique gunning grade refractory that has been formulated to have high strength and abrasion resistance with relatively low thermal conductivity. RESCOCAST 110G is the gun mix of choice when high performance and insulating value are desired in a single gun mix. Data shown below are average results of property tests, following the guidelines stated in ASTM C-903 Method; "Preparing Refractory Concrete Specimens by Cold Gunning".
  • Chemistry : Alumina-Silica
  • Binder : Cement
  • Maximum Service Temperature Fahrenheit : 2400
  • Maximum Service Temperature Celcius : 1316
  • Location : USA
  • Installation Method : Gunning
  • Category : Castable
  • Category : Conventional Castable
  • Category : Abrasion Resistant Castable
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