Refractories for Aluminum Furnace Maintenance


RESCO offers a product line of proven gun mixes and castables for the maintenance of aluminum furnaces.

RESCOBOND 3000AG, RESCOBOND 70AG, RESCOBOND 90AG are aluminum-resistant gun mixes that can be gunned into hot or cold aluminum furnaces. The most popular aluminum furnace maintenance gun mix is RESCOBOND 3000AG, which has proven performance in the aluminum furnace and is popular to install with refractory contractors.

For casting, RESCOBOND 3000A and RESCOBOND 90A are recommended for aluminum furnaces.

Actual installations in aluminum furnaces have shown that RESCOBOND Gun Mixes, such as RESCOBOND 3000AG, perform well because the product bonds well to the refractory lining and stay on the wall as a patch longer than that of cement-bonded aluminum resistant gun mixes. Those other aluminum resistant gun mixes wear off the refractory lining quicker so other gun mixes must be gunned more often to maintain the repair or patch. A maintenance program of gunning RESCOBOND Gun Mixes on a periodic basis can extend furnace refractory life and minimize furnace downtime.

If installed in a cold furnace, the work area should be cleaned of debris and loose material to improve refractory adhesion. No pre dampening is required for gunning. After installation, RESCOBOND Gun Mixes and Castables can be dried-out and heated without using a traditional ramp-and-hold heat up a schedule to get into production quicker than that of conventional castable refractories. The recommended heat up for RESCOBOND is 100°F (56°C) per hour to operating temperature for repaired areas up to 9 inches (229 mm) thick (see recommended heat up a schedule for RESCOBOND products).

Rescobond Castable for Aluminum Furnace

If installed in a hot furnace, RESCOBOND gun mix should be installed using a pipe or lance inserted into the hot furnace. Loose material should be blown-off using pressured air through the pipe or lance. Again, no pre dampening is required for hot gunning. When gunned onto a hot wall, the heat in the refractory wall will activate the bonding phase in RESCOBOND.

Standard packaging for RESCOBOND Gun Mixes and Castables: 55 lb (25 kg) paper bags

NOTE: Properties shown are considered typical average results for the product and NOT considered specifications or compliance data.

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