Castable Refractory for High Heat Applications

Castables/Monolithic refractories are utilized across numerous industries including steel, aluminum, cement, lime, HPI/petrochem, etc.  It is considered an "unshaped" mix with a particular percentage of water for optimal properties.  How much water is too much?   Molds are used to shape the monolithic for multiple purposes. Monolithic products are highly recommended for their mechanical integrity, abrasion, thermal, and shock resistance at high temperatures.

Castable refractory consists of coarse and fine grains. Resco Products provides a large variety of castables.

Types of Refractory Castables:

Abrasion Resistant Castables
Basic Monolithics
Conventional Castables
Insulating Castables
Low Cement Castables
No-cement (chemically bonded castables)
Ultra-Low Cement Castables

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Looking for an additive for shotcreting? Resco SC-1 is Resco Products recommended shotcreting additive.

Insulating Castable
Low Cement Castable
Low Cement Castable
Conventional Castable
Insulating Castable
Insulating Castable
Insulating Castable
Basic Monolithics
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