Steel Ladle Refractory Products for Industrial Companies

Steel companies need high quality refractory solutions that achieve maximum productivity at the lowest cost. Ladle refractories are customized to each factory working conditions to optimize the life and yield of the refractory. Resco Products provides unique refractory solutions for each customer. Resco provides the whole solution for the safety lining and working lining: bottom, sidewall & slagline. Resco will recommend the best castable, brick, mortar, plastic, ram, and shotcrete/pump cast solution for your ladle.

Resco Products ladle representative evaluates the conditions in which your ladles operate and any stress points within the ladle. Resco will also evaluate all aspects of the ladle: working bottom, impact zone bottom, impact zone wall, sidewall, transition, slagline and ladle lip.

Resco products has the experience selecting the right type of refractory materials for all types of other ladles: such as iron charging ladles, torpedo cars, transfer ladles, and more.

All our steel refractory products are domestically produced allowing Resco to have shorter lead times. Listed below are some of Resco's product groups.

  • Burned basic brick
  • Basic Monolithics
  • High fired alumina brick
  • Dolomite brick
  • Dolomite specialties
  • High alumina brick
  • Wet mortars
  • Castable plastics
  • Gun Mixes

Resco Product Laser Hot Steel Ladle

 Common products utilized in steel ladles consist of AMG90, AMG95, Nuline 10MFX and Vibrocast 75.

Resco Products Steel Ladle 3D Drawings

Dolomite Brick Resin Bonded
Bonding Wet Mixed
Bonding Wet Mixed
Bonding Wet Mixed
Bonding Wet Mixed
Bonding Wet Mixed
Bonding Wet Mixed
Bonding Wet Mixed
Dolomite Mix
Dolomite Mix
Dolomite Mix
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For the better part of a century Resco Products has been creating high-quality refractory products across a vast array of applications & industries.  Search through our industries and applications and any questions our specialists are available!

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