High Alumina Brick

High alumina bricks are utilized in blast furnaces and associated stoves, rotary cement, and lime kilns, glass Furnaces, EAF furnace roofs, iron and steel ladles (working and safety linings)
          - Made with: Bauxite, kyanite, andalusite, sillimanite
          - Benefits: low to medium thermal expansion characteristics, Good resistance to acid and neutral slags,                     Strong erosion resistance depending on firing temperature

High Alumina Example Products: Seneca 60P & Rescal 90XD

Dolomite Brick:

Dolomite fired brick is utilized in steel ladle, AOD, VOD, ladle furnace, and cement kiln applications.
          - Made with:  Calcined dolomite sand, magnesia, lime, alumina, etc. 
          - Resistant to the erosion of basic and iron slags, high refractoriness, Good thermodynamic stability,                           thermal shock resistance & cold crushing strength

Dolomite Brick Example Products: TZ40-DOL & Z-DOL

Magnesia Bricks:

Magnesia Bricks: Utilized in ferrous smelting furnaces, rotary kilns, glass furnace and checker chambers, electric furnace hearths and sidewall safety linings

Fused Grain Mag-Chrome:
          - Made with: High levels of Magnesia (MgO), Chromic Oxide (Cr2O3), Iron Oxide (Fe2O3), and other                               materials
          - Good to excellent resistance to basic slags and environments, high thermal conductivity and high                               thermal expansion characteristics

Mag-Chrome Example Products: Nucon 60 & Krilex 50

          - Made with: High levels of Magnesia (MgO), small amounts of Alumina (Al2O3), and trace amounts of                         Silica (SiO2) and other materials
          - Good structural flexibility which provides enhanced thermal shock properties and makes the product

Mag-Alumina Products Examples: Greenfree KF & Greenfree 92

Fireclay Bricks:

Fireclay Bricks are utilized mainly in low wear areas of a wide range of refractory applications in iron and steel and industrial applications
          - Made with: aluminum silicates
          - Good refractoriness, low to medium thermal conductivity, good to high erosion resistance depending on               firing temperature and chemistry of the matrix.

Fireclay Bricks Product Examples: Patriot & Patriot HF

Silica Brick:

Silica Bricks are utilized in coke ovens, glass melting furnace, hot blast stoves dome and upper checker settings
          - Made with silica-based raw materials
          - Good resistance acid slags and environments, good thermal conductivity, volume stable above ~1200 F

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