Introducing QuikLite

The innovative leaders in the refractory industry are at it again. RESCO is proud to introduce a new family of products called QuikLite. This unique family of light weight monolithics combines rapid heat-up with a dust suppressant additive. Initially, seven products are available. Stay tuned for new additions to this innovative family of products.  QuikLite products compliment dense QuikTurn castables and gunning mixes for use in two-component linings to save time in dry-out.

Heating QuikLite

Like regular QuikTurn products, QuikLite brands can be heated rapidly after they take their initial set. There is no need to cure them for 24 hours prior to starting the dryout. For linings with a total thickness less than 9 inches, these materials can be heated at 100oF per hour.
In the table below, you can see the comparable time required to reach 2000oF for QuikLite products versus normal insulating castables at various thicknesses. The normal insulating castable times include the 24 hour cure time.


Quiklite Drying ScheduleQuiklite Chart

Data Sheet Disclaimer The properties shown on this data sheet represent typical average results generated using standard ASTM test methods (unless otherwise noted) conducted under controlled condition (using standard rectangular shapes), and should not be considered to be guaranteed specifications. Properties are subject to normal manufacturing statistical standard deviation ranges, and Resco Products, Inc. reserves the right to modify the properties and specifications at any time without prior notice

QuikLite 3-35P is a 24-31 pcf, 2000oF insulating castable. Installation options include casting or gunning. It has a good strength to weight ratio, and is recommended for two component applications, or as a single component when the erosive conditions are not too severe.

QuikLite 3 is a 60 pcf, 2400oF insulating castable. Installation options include casting or gunning.

QuikLite 3 PC is a 62 pcf, 2400oF insulating castable that can be installed via vibration casting, pump casting, or shotcreting.

QuikLite 7 is a 78 pcf, 2400oF insulating castable. It is the ideal “one-shot” lining material for use in FCC regenerator and reactor vessel walls. It can be cast or gunned in place.

QuikLite 8 is an 88 pcf, 2800oF insulating castable. This 49% alumina product can be installed via casting or gunning.

QuikLite 8 PC is a high temperature, medium weight insulating castable with good strengths, formulated primarily for pumpcasting. After the intial set, this unique insulating castable can be heated without the traditional ramp-and-hold heating schedule.

QuikLite 9LI can be gunned or cast in place. It has a temperature limit of 2600oF, a density of 90 pcf, and it is 40% alumina. This is a low iron mix .

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