Resco Products, Inc. furnishes both plastics and ram mixes. All of the products listed here are supplied pre-mixed, ready to use. They are supplied in cartons and/or pails.

Installing Plastic Refractories

 • Use of a pneumatic rammer with a metal, convex-shaped head is recommended.                                                               • Use rigid forms for arches. Proper anchoring and support is essential.                                                                                       • When patching, clean surface thoroughly, and for best results, apply a coating of compatible high                             temperature bonding mortar before installing the plastic.                                                                                                                     • Trim surface while plastic is still soft. Do not smooth the surface-a rough surface allows moisture to escape.     • Moisture escape holes are recommended for the hot face. Use a 1/8” diameter rod with a pointed end. Insert     the rod approximately two-thirds of the thickness of the plastic on not more than 6” centers.                                         • To control cracking in installations with large surface areas such as walls or roof sections, construction joints   should be formed by scoring the surface of the plastic. Score to a depth of 1.5”. Score lines should be on 36”       centers, vertically and horizontally, between anchors.                                                                                                                             • Drying and heat up should be started as soon as possible after installation is completed. 

Suggestions for Installing Ramming Mixes • Use pneumatic rammers with wedge-shaped steel heads. Never use rubber heads.                                                         • Always use rigid forms, preferably steel.                                                                                                                                                       • Do not ram over loose, unconsolidated sub bottoms.                                                                                                                           • Material should be placed in approximately 2” layers of loose material and compacted. A steady flow of     material is desired to prevent laminations. Ramming should be continuous to prevent material dryout between   layers.

Plastics and Ram MixesPlastics and ram mixes chart

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