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Resco Products Hot Metal Car Recommended Products

LadleMax BSC - a resin-bonded alumina carbon brick with silicon carbide designed for use in hot metal cars or iron charging ladles. This bauxite-based, iron friendly brick is typically used in low wear areas. 

Krial CFB - a low iron, high strength 70% alumina brick designed for resistance to impact, abrasion and carbon monoxide (CO) attack in severe blast furnace and DRI applications.

Rescal 70D- this general purpose, bauxite-based 70% alumina brick features an extraordinary degree of corrosion and thermal shock resistance. It is ideally suited when cost effectiveness is essential. These brick are also used to line iron charging ladles

Vibrocast 60PC - a 60% alumina, mullite-based shotcrete mix designed for minimum porosity and low linear change with maximum density and high fired strengths. This material will withstand severe high temperature corrosion and erosion environments.

Quikturn 60PC - a 60% alumina, mullite-based shotcrete material. After the initial set, the hot metal car can be returned to operation without curing or the traditional controlled heating schedule.

EZ Cubed 70PC - a 70% alumina shotcrete mix designed to give improved erosion, corrosion and refractoriness over Vibrocast 60PC. 

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