EZ CAST 2700 This product a general-purpose castable designed for applications up to 2700°F. Its high strength and ability to be cast, pumped or poured (self-leveling) make it the ideal choice for any number of applications where access is limited or obstructions make work difficult. It is particularly effective in applications where destructive gases and atmospheres or excessive wear shorten refractory life. For shotcreting, EZ Cubed 2700 is suggested.
EZ CAST 2800 This product is designed for applications up to 2800°F. This product has tested well for resistance to CO (carbon monoxide) disintegration encountered in coke ovens and blast furnaces. For shotcreting, EZ Cubed 2800 is suggested.
HI-STRENGTH 25 This product is a 2500°F castable designed to resist abrasion and erosion at moderate temperatures. It has excellent thermal shock resistance and is widely used as a refractory lining and maintenance material for many different applications. The mix is also ideal for two-component linings.
HI-STRENGTH 26-LI This product was developed to meet the demands for a low iron 2600°F castable in the 125 Ibs/ft3 range. The lower iron content results in better resistance to reducing atmospheres. It has excellent strength throughout its temperature range and very good abrasion and erosion resistance.
HI-STRENGTH 28-LI This product is used for general steel mill applications where destructive gases and atmospheres or excessive wear affect refractory life. It produces a tough, monolithic structure with negligible shrinkage. It has good refractoriness with a 2800°F use limit.
LADLELINE This product is an economical, 3000°F, low-iron, 56% alumina castable. It is volume stable with good strength throughout its temperature range. Although originally designed for casting ladles, LADLELINE has proven to be a good, general-purpose, high-temperature castable for a wide variety of applications.


This product combines the qualities of a pyrophyllite/andalusite mineral-based composition. Its low iron content makes it ideal for higher temperatures and reducing atmospheres. PACOCAST 28LI should be installed using vibration casting, It is not
recommended for gunning use for gunning use HM-28 LI.
PACTOCAST 28LT-COARSE This product offers the qualities of a Pyrophyllite/Andalusite mineral-based composition in a coarse-grained package. The maximum aggregate size in this product is 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. Pacocast 28LI Course is designed for use in applications where mechanical abuse and impacts are common.
PUROCAST N This product is a 3000°F 60% alumina castable. It is low iron, high alumina material capable of withstanding reducing or hydrogen atmospheres, carbon deposition, and high sulfur fuels. It has good volume stability, excellent resistance to spalling, and low thermal conductivity. The high alumina content and slag resistance of PUROCAST N castable have made it especially effective when in contact with molten metal and slags.
PUROTAB This product is a high purity, low iron, 94% alumina castable designed specifically for use at temperatures up to 3400°F. It is highly resistant to reducing atmospheres as well as high sulfur fuels and charge stocks. Due to its low silica content, it withstands hydrogen atmospheres where silica reduction often occurs. PUROTAB has good volume stability with very good resistance to thermal shock.
PUROTAB COARSE This product is a specially developed, high alumina (97%), low iron castable. It has superior resistance to carbon monoxide attacks due to its extremely low iron content. With its high purity and chemical inertness, oxides and alkalies have a little adverse effect. In both ferrous and nonferrous metal refractory applications, it resists molten metals and slags. The coarse aggregate improves resistance to thermal shock.
RESCOCAST 15 This product is a 2550°F service limit castable recommended for application in areas where moderate erosion resistance and medium insulating values are required. This mix can be easily installed by casting.
RESCOCAST 15GM This product is a 2600°F service limit castable used in applications where high strength, moderate abrasion resistance, and medium insulating values are required. RESCOCAST 15GM is an excellent gunite material that can also be cast.
RESCOCAST 15HT This product is a 2700°F, 49% alumina castable contains a high-purity cement binder which results in improved physical properties and increased resistance to chemical attack, particularly in reducing atmospheres. RESCOCAST 15HT can be applied by casting.

This product is a 3000°F service limit castable with high strength and erosion resistance properties throughout a wide application temperature range. Specify ProGun 17G for gunite applications.


These products are a high temperature, high purity alumina conventional castable with only trace amounts of silica and iron oxide. The high purity of this castable makes it an ideal choice for reducing atmospheres containing hydrogen and/or carbon monoxide. These products should be installed using vibration casting methods.

SAKONITE This product is a very economical refractory concrete. Although its maximum service temperature is 2200°F, it is designed primarily for service between 70°F and 1000°F. It is widely used for cast floors exposed to molten metals or hot ingots. It can be cast and finished like ordinary concrete. SAKONITE is also available as GC SAKONITE gun mix.

Resco Products Conventional Castables Chart

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