Resco manufactures brick of several types and classes for a variety of applications. Basic brick is composed of basic oxides and is resistant to basic slags, oxides, dust, and fumes at high operating temperatures in a variety of steel and general industrial applications. Resco classifies high alumina brick as those containing more than 45% alumina. They are resistant to spalling, impact, abrasion, and load.

Classes of Brick Produced Include:

Burned magnesite
Direct-bonded magnesite-chrome
Chemically-bonded magnesite-chrome

Burned high-alumina 50%
Burned high-alumina 70%
Burned high-alumina 90-99%
Burned alumina-chrome


Burned fused magnesite-chrome
Direct-bonded chrome-magnesite
Chemically-bonded magnesite
Burned magnesite tar impregnated

Burned high-alumina 60%
Burned high-alumina 80-85%
Phosphate-bonded high-alumina
Burned chrome-alumina

These products are produced at Resco's plants in Hammond, IN, Grenville, Quebec, East Canton, OH, and Greensboro, NC from raw materials selected for their contribution to the consistent quality, properties, and sizing of the end products coming off the presses and through the kilns.

These bricks are manufactured in a wide range of standard and special shapes and sizes for particular applications. Because of the unique operating conditions and diverse wear mechanisms, the selection of specific products is critical to achieving cost-effective performance. Resco's technical specialists normally handle specific application areas and are very familiar with customer conditions and requirements.  

The pursuit of ever-increasing performance and cost improvement is ongoing at Resco. We will continue to focus attention on the details required for successful product selection, installation, and evaluation.  The refractory Institute (TRI) brings contractors, installers, and manufacturers together to better understand refractories.

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