Alkali and Creep Resistant High Alumina Brick For Blast Furnaces

KRIAL brick is a high purity, low alkali products based on high purity aluminas, calcined kaolins, and high-grade andalusite. These bricks were designed originally for use in blast furnaces and blast furnace stoves due to their low creep rate and carbon monoxide resistance.

KRIAL 50-A This 50% alumina brick has a combination of creep resistance, dimensional stability, resistance to chemical attack, and thermal conductivity and is an ideal product for use in high-efficiency, thin-wall blast furnace checkers.

KRIAL 60 KRIAL 60 is a quality brick with extensive service in blast furnace stack linings.

KRIMUL This is an ultrahigh purity, low flux brick that provides the maximum resistance to hot load deformation and creeps in the 60% alumina product range. Its outstanding load-bearing properties at 2550°F qualify it for severe blast furnace stove and hot blast main applications.

KRIAL 60-A+ This 60% alumina product is the primary answer for blast furnace stove applications requiring a low flux brick.

KRIAL 65-A This brand is recommended for use in the highest temperature area of the blast furnace.

KRIAL CFB This brand is low iron, 70% high alumina brick designed for resistance to impact, abrasion, and carbon monoxide attack in the blast furnace and DRI applications

RESCAL 90XD A 90% alumina brick with a mullite matrix. RESCAL 90XD is characterized by high resistance to blast furnace slag and alkali attack. The high hot strength and density provide excellent refractoriness and abrasion resistance.




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