RESCO produces a complete line of resin-bonded magnesia-carbon brick at the ISO-certified Hammond, Indiana plant. These bricks contain carbon (from 5 to 18%), sintered and/or fused magnesia, and varying powdered metals if required for oxidation resistance. The brands are produced under two family names. We offer a series of traditional mag-carbon brick with the brand name of Nuline, and we offer our series of ladle brick called MaxLine.


A complete line of magnesia-spinel brick is produced at our ISO-certified Marelan plant. These brick are mainly used to line kilns in the pulp and paper and cement industries. All magnesia-spinel brick is chrome-free products made from magnesite, alumina, and spinel grain. Selected brands contain fused grain for improved erosion and corrosion resistance. Our magnesia-spinel brands include GREENFREE, GREENFREE KF, GREENFREE 92, RESCOMAG 85,  RESCOMAG 92 FMS, HOT ZONE 85 SP, AND HOT ZONE 93 SP.


Rescomag HF is a burned, high purity spinel-bonded magnesite brick. This product is designed to line Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) furnaces. Rescomag HF is characterized by a very low flux content (lime plus silica and iron oxide) of less than 2%.


NUCON 60  This general-purpose 60% magnesia-chrome brick is typically used to line low wear areas of RH Degassers, steel ladle safety slaglines, and various non-ferrous furnaces and are characterized by good hot strengths and thermal shock resistance. These products also have good erosion/ corrosion resistance to basic and
moderately acidic slags.
NUCON Nucon is a 70% magnesia class direct-bonded magnesite-chrome brick. Typically, Nucon is used as an upgrade over 60% magnesia brick where lime-rich slags are present.
NUCON 80 Nucon 80 is an 80% magnesia class direct-bonded magnesite-chrome brick. It is typically used as an upgrade over 60% or 70% class brick for improved erosion/corrosion resistance to lime-rich slag.


KRILEX 50  This general-purpose direct-bonded, 50% magnesia class brand is typically used as safety lining brick for steel and non-ferrous applications. Krilex 50 is also used as lower checker brick in glass tanks and regenerators wall and crown construction.



CRB-20 This silicate-bonded chrome-magnesite brick is used for safety back-up linings in non-ferrous furnaces.

Burned Magnesite Brick


 PERECON This 95% magnesia class brick is typically used as safety lining brick for steelmaking vessels, and working linings in certain non-ferrous applications. The products contain a special additive to achieve improved
hydration resistance.
HARKLAS HARKLASE is a general-purpose brick made from high purity, more refractory raw material. The magnesia content is 98%.


OXLINE H / OXILINE B This high purity di-calcium silicate-bonded brick was developed for BOF and EAF working linings. Oxiline H is most chemically compatible with high lime-to-silica ratio slags. It is also commonly used to line glass tank regenerators walls, crowns, or checkers Oxiline B is the tar-impregnated version of Oxiline H.
OXILINE H SR / OXILINE SR This brand is a spall resistant version of Oxiline H. Oxiline SR is the tar-impregnated version of Oxiline H SR.
COELEX 98 This product is a brick that offers low total lime and silica (1.1%) and a high lime-to-silica ratio that results in a product with a very high level of refractoriness. It is primarily used to line glass tank regenerators walls, crowns, and checkers. Coelex 98 also has excellent resistance to alkali attack.


KRILEX 621-2 These brands are made from higher purity, more refractory raw materials. These brick are
characterized by higher hot strength at 2700oF (1480oC), lower porosity, and less total lime and silica content than general-purpose direct-bonded magnesite-chrome brands.
GUIDON LS The increased chrome content is used to achieve improved slag resistance to acid slags.
GRFG 80 / GRFG 93 Both products are composed of fused magnesia-chrome grain, chrome ore, dead burned magnesia. Resulting in high density & low porosity, excellent high-temperature strengths, and superb corrosion resistance. Recommended for the most severe wear areas of AOD’s, degassers, electric furnace slaglines, and a variety of other applications requiring maximum corrosion resistance.
 GRFG 100 This product is made from 100% fused magnesia-chrome grain. The use of high density-low porosity grain produces brick with superior slag resistance as compared to direct-bonded magnesite-chrome brick. The brick is used to line the high wear areas of electric arc furnaces, RH degassers, and nonferrous furnaces where improved slag resistance is required.
GUIDON X / EXCELINE FG 95 These products are made from 100% fused grain with enhanced chemistry (very low lime, very low silica) for superior slag resistance. Due to their enhanced chemistry, these brands are also characterized by high hot strength at 2700oF (1482oC) and excellent hot load properties. Their porosity values are lower than general-purpose brands. Guidon X and Exceline FG 95 are used to achieve improved slag resistance over all other mag-chrome compositions in almost all applications.

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