Types of Installation Refractory Methods

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Installation Methods: Part 1: Understanding Types of Refractories 

Types of Installation Refractory Methods

  • Vibration casting using forms
  • Pump casting using concrete pump and forms
  • Shotcreting using a concrete pump and shotcreting activator
  • Precast and dried shapes
  • Pneumatic gunning using gunning mixed
  • Pneumatic ramming using plastics

Installation of Refractory, Vibration Casting Using Forms

  • Traditional installation method
  • Mix castable in a paddle mixer, cast behind forms, and vibrate into place
  • Water addition can be measured and consistent for consistent properties
  • Slow, batch-type installation rate if installing high volume

Brands: Vibration Casting Using Forms

Installation of Refractory, Pump casting using a concrete pump

  • Double piston, swing valve pump most common
  • Mix castable in paddle mixer on the pump and pump through hoses, behind forms
  • Water content can be measured and consistent for consistent properties but higher water content needed to pump (compared to vibration casting)
  • Higher installation rate when continuously mixing and pumping
  • Best for high volume installation

Installation of Refractory, Shotcreting

  • Double piston swing valve pumped used
  • Mixed castable pumped through the hose
  • Shotcrete nozzle attached on the end of the hose
  • Shotcrete activator added at the nozzle
  • Pumped castable sprayed onto the wall

Brands: Pump Casting and Shotcreting