History of Resco Products

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Resco Early Years

Resco Products recently celebrated its 75th anniversary and has been servicing the refractory industry!  RESCO Products, inc was founded on July 26, 1946, Originally known as Refractory Specialties Co., it was founded to manufacture five refractory formulations acquired from the M.W. Kellogg Company. At the time of its founding, the corporate headquarters were in a rented barn in Philadelphia, PA, and the company owned only a crusher, a cement mixer and two wheelbarrows.

A decade later, Resco acquired three brick plants, which became known as Crescent Brick, positioning them as a leading refractory brick supplier to the steel industry. Resco led the way with the development and patent of the semi-universal ladle brick designed to assure positive closure of a joint regardless of arc, thus preventing slag and molten metals from penetrating to the ladle shell, and helping the steel industry save many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Next, Resco Products Inc. invented and patented a formula, AA-22, the world's first chem-bonded and air-setting castable refractory which could be mixed fresh at a job site. Rescobondâ„¢ AA-22S was and still is the standard in the petroleum and petrochem industries.

In 1999, Resco purchased two production facilities and several product brands from RHI-America. This acquisition expanded the company's customer base and market offerings, doubled the company's size while it simultaneously allowed complete continuity over production processes and resulting product quality. 

Resco in 2000s

In 2002, Resco acquired certain assets of National Refractories and Minerals Corporation ("NRMC") which included brand names, mixes/formulations, intellectual property, molds, dies, fixtures, and certain equipment from NRMC plants at Mexico, MO; Columbiana, OH; and Wellsville, MO.

In 2005, the management team, in partnership with Hancock Park Associates, completed the purchase of all outstanding shares of RESCO's principal shareholder.

In 2006, Resco acquired Worldwide Refractories ("WRI") in Tarentum, PA. The acquisition of WRI added dolomitic products to Resco's large product offering, giving them one of the most diverse refractory product lines in the world.

In late 2006, Resco acquired Refco and New Castle Refractories, adding insulating fire brick, a wide range of kiln furniture products (including nitride-bonded silicon carbide), and a precast facility. Following the New Castle Refractory acquisition, Resco completed the purchase of Shenango Advanced Ceramics also located in New Castle, PA. This further enhanced their line of kiln furniture products with additional cordierite mixes and recrystalized silicon carbide.

In 2008, United Refractories, with plants in Warren, OH and Moulton, AL was purchased by Resco. This addition to the company included more precast facilities and two new product lines, ceramic welding and liquids.

Resco Recent Years

In 2011, Resco was acquired by Wellspring Capital Management.

In 2022, Resco was acquired by Balmoral Funds.

Resco has built its success based on an in-depth knowledge of customer needs, innovative engineering, and a commitment to providing high-quality products, services and technical support.