What is an Abrasion Resistant Castable?

Abrasion Resistant Castable

Abrasion resistant castable is a castable that is defined/measured by ASTM C-704 test method for abrasion loss. The abrasion loss test starts with a sample abraded with 1000 grams of specifically sized silicon abrasive grain. Air pressure and the feed rate of SiC are carefully controlled. The sample is weighed before and after the test and the result reports on the volume of material lost. Lower numbers indicate a higher abrasion resistance.

To determine whether the refractory is abrasion-resistant it must have an abrasion loss of less than 12. Extreme abrasion resistant refractory or extreme service refractory products would be products with an abrasion loss less than 4, like R-Max MP and Rescobond AA-22S commonly found in the petrochemical industry.