High Alumina Brick Alkali and Creep Resistant

The alkali and creep resistant KRIAL brick are high purity, low alkali products based on high purity aluminas, calcined bauxitic kaolins, and high-grade andalusite. Designed originally for use in blast furnaces and blast furnace stoves due to their low creep rate and carbon monoxide resistance, several of these products have also flourished in other markets including glass furnace regenerators and carbon anode baking furnaces. All of the brands listed in this category give an “A” rating in the ASTM carbon monoxide (CO) disintegration test

Krial 50-A KRIAL 50-A has a combination of creep resistance, dimensional stability, resistance to chemical attack, and thermal conductivity which make it ideally suited for heat exchange applications. Its high purity microstructure with a low glass content and a high amount of mullite is extremely creep and spall resistant. It can withstand higher operating temperatures than typical low flux super duty brick. It is an ideal product for use in high-efficiency, thin-wall blast furnace stove checkers. It is also an excellent choice for all areas of carbon anode baking furnaces where its refractoriness and superior mechanical properties are essential. Its matrix mineralogy is very resistant to the destructive silica depletion caused by fluorine attack. KRIAL 50-A offers the baking pit operator the opportunity to improve productivity by significantly raising firing temperatures and reducing cycle times.
Krial 60 KRIAL 60 is low alkali, low porosity brick with outstanding hot strength. Its superior resistance to thermal shock, abrasion, and alkali attack helped make it a cost-effective solution for a variety of severe applications. KRIAL 60 has seen extensive service in blast furnace stack linings and is highly recommended for use in torpedo ladles, chemical and waste incinerators and as tie brick in carbon anode baking furnaces.
Krial 60-A+  KRIAL 60-A+ is the primary answer for blast furnace and blast furnace stove applications requiring a low flux 60% alumina product. KRIAL 60-A+ is low porosity, high strength product, and has become the choice for most thin wall stove checker applications. It has been quite successful in blast furnace stack linings and torpedo ladles.
Krial 65-A  KRIAL 65-A is recommended for use in the highest temperature areas of blast furnace stoves. It is extremely creep resistant at 2730°F and is primarily utilized in the uppermost checkers and dome of the stove. KRIAL 65-A is andalusite-based and provides all the benefits of high fired mullite products. Its matrix has an exceptionally low glass content 


Resin-Bonded Alumina Carbon Brick

LadleMax BSC & ASC LadleMax BSC and ASC are resin-bonded alumina-carbon brick with silicon carbide designed for hot metal car and iron charging ladle service. BSC is a bauxite-based, iron-friendly refractory typically used in low wear area of the vessel sidewalls and bottoms. ASC contains fused alumina and is used in the iron charging ladles and hot metal cars, in applications such as tap stream impact pads or stir quadrants.
LadleMax AMG & AMG SL LadleMax AMG is an 80% alumina brick containing magnesia, antioxidants, and graphite. At steelmaking temperatures, the mixed ingredients react to form various carbon and magnesia-spinel phases. These reactions are expansive and provide a brick lining that appears monolithic. This product is recommended for ladle bottoms and barrels of steel shops making aluminum-killed steels. LadleMax AMG SL is similar to AMG, but contains a higher quantity of magnesia for improved slag resistance.
LadleMax AMG HP LadleMax AMG HP is an 80% alumina brick containing a blend of refractory grade alumina plus magnesia, antioxidants, and graphite. At steelmaking temperatures, these mix ingredients react to form various carbon and magnesia-alumina spinel phases. AMG HP is suggested for steel ladle bottoms and barrels when a 10% to 25% life improvement is needed over regular AMG. This product has a higher purity composition than LADLEMAX AMG (higher alumina and less silica, lime, and iron oxide).
LadleMax AMG 90 / AMG 90 SL / AMG 95 LadleMax AMG 90 is similar to regular AMG, but it contains fused alumina; the alumina content is 90%. It was developed for severe operating conditions associated with tap stream impact and buffer zones between lower quality ladle barrel brick and Magnesia-Carbon slaglines. LADLEMAX AMG 90 is typically zoned with other AMG compositions to provide a balanced wear pattern to achieve maximum heat life. LadleMax AMG 90 SL is similar to AMG 90 but contains a higher quantity of magnesia for improved slag resistance. LadleMax AMG 95 is similar to AMG 90 with improved chemistry. This product has shown wear rate improvement of 20-25% above AMG 90.


Extra High Alumina brick

Rescal 90 XD These unique 90+% alumina brick are made from tabular alumina with a mullite matrix. They are characterized by high resistance to slag attack, low porosity and permeability, high hot strength and density, resistance to severe abrasion, and excellent dimensional stability. These mullite bonded 90% alumina refractories are used in the working linings of coreless and channel induction furnaces.  Applications: carbon black reactors • ceramic kiln linings • high-temperature chemical and waste incinerators •induction furnace linings • skid rails • SRU linings
DURA-TAB CA DURA-TAB CA is a burned, phosphate-bonded 90% alumina-chrome brick. Compared to mullite-bonded 90% alumina brick, it offers exceptional service against highly aggressive furnace slag.
DURA_TAB SC DURATAB SC is a unique product that combines silicon carbide with high purity alumina to produce a refractory possessing exceptional resistance to very aggressive furnace slag associated with induction furnaces processing molten iron, and which is quite resistant to thermal shock. DURATAB SC is recommended for use in the slag lines of iron melting furnaces.
RESCAL 10 CR/ 10 CR SR  These brick are alumina-chrome-solid solution-bonded 90% alumina brick. These brick are truly solid solution-bonded brick; the matrix consists of a solid solution of chromic oxide and alumina which results in extra hot load resistance and the ability to withstand high-temperature chemical attack. The silica-free bonding system and neutral chemistry offer excellent resistance to erosion/corrosion from iron oxide-silica rich slags. Applications: They can be used in severe corrosion areas of channel type induction furnaces and any other applications where load-bearing and corrosion resistance are critical factors. They are recommended for the slag line of arc holding furnaces, carbon black reactors, and incinerators. The CR SR brands are the spall resistant products of the alumina-chrome family.
DUR-TAB DURATAB is a 95% alumina mullite-bonded brick.


PATRIOT The outstanding properties of super duty fireclay brick are high refractoriness, strength, and high-temperature volume stability, and low thermal conductivity. This product is a 47% alumina brick.
PATRIOT HF Similar chemistry to PATRIOT, but with a higher firing temperature to provide resistance to carbon monoxide gas disintegration, low porosity, and hot load-bearing characteristics.

General Purpose Alumina Brick

RESCAL BB This product is a low duty fireclay backup brick for cryolite cells. This is a resale product.
RESCAL 70 D This general-purpose, bauxite-based 70% alumina brick feature an extraordinary degree of corrosion and thermal shock resistance. They are ideally suited where cost-effectiveness is essential. These brick are used to line steel and iron ladles, electric arc furnaces, mineral processing units, and non-ferrous furnaces. These general-purpose brick are NOT recommended for CO atmospheres, high-temperature alkali environments, or load-bearing applications.
DURALITE 70 G / 80 G DURALITE 70 G and 80 G are bauxite based brick made with higher purity and more refractory raw materials than general-purpose 70% and 80% alumina brick, respectively. They can be used in all applications where general purpose 70% and 80% alumina brick would normally be recommended, but operating conditions require an upgrade.
SENECA 80 This general-purpose 80% alumina, bauxite-based brick are used as economical upgrades over the general-purpose 70% alumina brick for steel, iron, nonferrous, and minerals processing applications.
R 80 B This bauxite-based brick is made with higher purity and more refractory raw materials than general-purpose 80% alumina brick.

Phos-Bonded Alumina Brick

This complete line of high alumina brick in the range of 70% to 85% alumina is phosphate-bonded to give optimum strength burned brick. Along with the development of unusually high strength, these phosphate-bonded bricks have low porosity, with excellent resistance to abrasion, erosion, and alkali attack.


SENECA 60 P is a phosphate-bonded, mullite-based brick with excellent alkali resistance. It is not recommended for load-bearing or in reducing atmospheres.
ALUMEX P-7 / P-8 These are phosphate-bonded with high strength and load-bearing ability, low porosity and modulus of elasticity, and excellent resistance to abrasion, erosion, and mechanical abuse. They are recommended for: skid rail tile in billet heating furnaces; hearths subject to severe abrasion; foundry ladles; cupola troughs, and are widely used at either end of cement kiln hot zones and in nose rings because their low modulus of elasticity gives the products excellent resistance to torsional stresses created by the rotation of the kiln. ALUMEX P-8 brick is more refractory and stronger than the ALUMEX P-7.
KRIAL CFB KRIAL CFB is a low iron, high strength 70 % alumina brick designed for resistance to impact, abrasion, and carbon monoxide (CO) attack in severe wear blast furnace, circulating fluidized bed, and DRI applications.
ALUMEX P-85 HS ALUMEX P-85 HS exhibits a combination of very high strengths, high abrasion resistance, and excellent thermal shock resistance. Its high purity composition yields a refractory product that can withstand severe alkali attack. It is recommended for use in electric furnace roofs, rotary cement kilns, reheat furnace skid rails, and other furnace applications where erosion and abrasion from slag and metal are severe at high temperatures. ALUMEX P-85 HS ceramic anchors will be made and stocked at East Canton.


High Alumina brick for aluminum contact

RESCAL 80 BP (Burned) This product is an ideal choice for molten aluminum contact in melting and holding furnaces.  They perform well in aluminum furnaces with high mechanical wear and abuse.  It is bauxite-based, burned 85% alumina brick with superior hot and cold strengths.  Their no-wetting matrix and high strengths make either an ideal choice for melting or holding furnaces, especially those utilizing heavy cold charges.  

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