Rescobond 3000ZG -

Rescobond 3000ZG

RESCOBOND 3000ZG is a single component, chemically bonded refractory gunning mix with improved gunning characteristics. This gun mix also contains a zircon addition. It develops a quick set and can be heated shortly after installation to provide a fast ?back on line? capability for your unit. It?s chemical bonding system provides adherence to existing refractory, making it an effective patching material. RESCOBOND 3000ZG can be installed by gunning or hand-packing techniques. Predampening is NOT suggested for this gun mix prior to installation
  • Chemistry : Alumina
  • Key Ingredient : Zirconia
  • Category : Monolithic
  • Category : Chem-Bonded Castable
  • Installation Method : Gunning
  • Location : USA
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