EZ Cast 3250 -

EZ Cast 3250

EZ CAST? 3250 is a low cement castable with an alumina content of 78%. It has excellent abrasion resistance and superior hot strength to as high as 2700øF. These properties combined with excellent thermal shock resistance have resulted in many successful installations in bottoms and lip rings of steel ladles. This proven product has been successfully used in a wide variety of applications, often substituted for higher alumina content products, making it a highly cost-effective and versatile composition. Its combination of strength, toughness, alumina content, and other compositional features make it an excellent product for many applications.
  • Chemistry : Alumina
  • Category : Monolithic
  • Category : Low Cement Castable
  • Installation Method : Casting
  • Installation Method : Self Flow
  • Location : USA
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