Adaphos 85 Dip -

Adaphos 85 Dip Bonding Mortar

ADAPHOS 85 is a wet ready-mixed high alumina bonding mortar with a chemical bonding system. With the unique bonding system, a high bonding strength is developed at lower temperatures (300-600°F) and the high bonding strength continues until a ceramic bonding occurs. ADAPHOS 85 is primarily used to lay up high alumina brick in ladles and is available in both trowelling and dipping consistencies. It is used in areas where severe service conditions require increased refractoriness to corrosion/erosion from slags.
  • Chemistry : Alumina
  • Binder : Phosphate
  • Location : USA
  • Installation Method : Dipping
  • Category : Mortar
  • Category : Wet Mortar
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