Coke Oven

Coke ovens convert coal into coke, a purer form of carbon. This process is completed within refractory lined ovens to achieve the necessary temperatures of 2000ºF - 2450ºF heating the coal but not combusting it while removing all volatile matter. The process takes many hours to achieve the proper quality of coke and usually results in about 30% decrease in tonnage from the coal charged to coke produced. The material is then quenched with water as soon as possible to stop the burning of the coke and loss of product. Next it transfers to the crushing and screening station where it's made into its final form to be utilized as fuel for blast furnaces.

Your Resco Products coke oven refractory representative analyses your processes and conditions to determine whether an industry standard solution or a more customized approach would produce the best results.  Your specialist will ensure the coke oven refractory products sustain excellent mechanical strength and excellent volumetric stability.

Coke Oven Repairs

Ceramic Welding Services

Resco Products provides experience high quality ceramic welding powders, CO dust and services for the coke oven application.  Our experienced team utilizes ceramic materials to repair damaged refractory and rebuild the coke oven's structural integrity.  Avoid large repairs and long unscheduled downtime.  Optimal ceramic welding repairs result in no interruption in production cycle, prolonged life of welding area, and cost effective.

Patching Coke Ovens:

  • Jamb sprays - phosphate bonded
  • Fused silica jamb spray (Patent Pending)
  • Trowel patch and mortars
  • Gunite - conventional & fused silica/fine and coarse
  • Castables for jambs and general
  • Battery top repairs
  • Dry vibratables for floor leveling

Sealants for Coke Ovens:

  • Coke oven lid seal
  • Coke oven door seal
  • High density ceramic rope
  • Drop sleeve gaskets
  • Grouting materials
  • Silica dust
  • Cold joint seal for goose necks

Equipment used to repair Coke Ovens:

  • Jamb spray vessels
  • Door seal pumps
  • Gunite machines - rotary and pressure vessels
  • High pressure grout pumps

Coke Oven Precast Shapes:

  • Door plugs
  • Charge hole castings
  • Flue castings
  • Fused silica wall shapes

Coke Oven Pressed Shapes:

  • Fused silica complete wall design original & modules
  • Fire clay brick
  • High-density wharf brick
  • Insulating fire brick

Missing Flue: To be repairedMissing flue: to be repaired, coke oven

Repaired area with RescoGun FS-CF.Repaired Coke Oven with RescoGun FS-CF

Pre-Cast Shapes
Bonding Wet Mixed
Bonding Wet Mixed
Bonding Wet Mixed
Bonding Wet Mixed
Bonding Wet Mixed
Bonding Dry Mixed
Bonding Wet Mixed
Bonding Wet Mixed
Processed Matls
Bonding Wet Mixed
Colloidal Silica
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