Sulfur Recovery Unit Refractory

A sulfur recovery unit, or SRU, converts hydrogen sulfide (H2S), also known as sour gas or acid gas, into sulfur. Hydrogen sulfide is a by-product of processing natural gas and refining high-sulfur crude oil. H2S is burned in the reaction furnace and combined with SO2 to create sulfur.

Petrochemical plants and oil refineries are required to recover 95 and 99.99% of the total sulfur. Having the right refractory products and SRU support can help achieve and maintain the desired recovery rate.

Refractories for Recovery Unit

Our SRU experts have your best interests in mind. Their background and experience within sulfur recovery units give them the unique ability to provide a customized solution for you. Resco Products also manufactures sulfur recovery unit products like Rescal 90 XD, Rescocast 17AC, EZ Cast 3250, and Seneca 80XD. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your business.

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