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Resco Products presses a variety of cordierite mixes and shapes at our Greensboro, NC facility. Cordierite is a commonly selected material for kiln furniture due to its outstanding thermal shock resistance and competitive price point. Resco Products continuously updates and fine tunes our mixes to create the most optimal products in a variety of shapes and applications.

From rings and discs to saggers and burner nozzles, Resco supplies a complete line of kiln furniture products. Whether domestically produced cordierite or silicon carbide supplied by one of our trusted partners, Resco can supply a quality part to suit your needs.

Resco Products Kiln Furniture

Resco Products Kiln Furniture

 Typical kiln furniture products sold by Resco Products include: Niterm 500, SiC term 880, Col 20.

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For the better part of a century Resco Products has been creating high-quality refractory products across a vast array of applications & industries.  Search through our industries and applications and any questions our specialists are available!

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