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With over 70 years of manufacturing PACO cartop blocks Resco understand kiln cars are designed very specifically to the kiln to minimize that amount of heat needed, directly saving on energy costs. As the only domestic kiln cartop producer Resco knows the importance of a design that is specific to your process. In conjunction with the Cedar Heights Clay Company, Resco can assist with designing a shape or a car to improve efficiency. Whether you're utilizing for face brick or refractories, we have the experience.

The spectrum of uses for unique pyrophyllite ore from Resco is vast. Our product family consists of Alkatrol©Andafrac©Pyrofrac©Pyrophyl©Pyrotrol©. Resco minerals ship by the bag, super sack, pneumatic tanker truck and railcar.

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Resco Products representatives are available to discuss refractory clays, refractory minerals, cartop blocks, and other kiln furniture. We'll identify ways to streamline your work process and relieve potential bottlenecks in your workflow. Our experienced team will use a range of tools to craft a custom solution for you.

In addition to designing something to fit your specifications, Resco Products will assist you with every step of the installation process. We know cartop and minerals, and we'll make sure you get exactly what you need. View all of the services we offer to find out how we can help.

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For the better part of a century Resco Products has been creating high-quality refractory products across a vast array of applications & industries.  Search through our industries and applications and any questions our specialists are available!

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