Now, Resco Products, Inc offers the patented Unitab™E design for brick kiln liners. The unique design doesn’t compromise expansion allowance at the hot and cold faces, such as occurs with cardboard spacers. Instead, stress relief is built into the hot face with expansion tabs and brick taper.

Unitab™E linings also feature a chamfered hot face edge for easy identification in installation. Cement plant operators are demanding the most precise and cost effective methods to maximize the life of their brick linings, and Unitab™E designed kiln liners meet those requirements. Unitab™E kiln linings remain tight near the cold face, providing stability during shutdown, yet stress related pinch spalling is virtually eliminated at the hot face during operation.

Unitab Brick

Unitab™E has been thoroughly tested over the years, and is a solid performer. Unitab™E has 

consistently shown that it can provide the following advantages:

1. Pinch spalling can be reduced or eliminated, both during initial heat-up and during reheating.
2. Ease in installation due to the chamfered edge and the simplicity of the design.
3. Unitab™E rotary kiln shapes are available in a variety of brick compositions, including magnesia-chrome, magnesia-spinel, and many high alumina brands. 


Why this design works!

It’s simple. It stays put. It’s complete.

The fact that Unitab™E is designed to be made entirely of refractory material is one of the advantages operators have grown to appreciate. This feature offers these advantages:

It’s simple. No expansionallowance attachments of any kind. The brick itself is designed to allow for both longitudinal and circumferential expansion.

It stays put. Because Unitab™E is all refractory in composition, both its “cold” dimensions (as manufactured) and its “hot” dimensions (as expanded) are precise and controlled. With a slow or aborted heat-up, cardboard expansion spacers can burn out before the bricks have fully expanded resulting in movement and shifting during shutdown. With Unitab™E, no movement occurs because there is no cardboard to burn out.

It’s complete. Unitab™E incorporates two expansion tabs (formed of refractory material) near the hot face of the brick. These serve to provide controlled circumferential spacing at the hot face for brick expansion during heat-up and kiln operation. In addition, the chamfer on one edge permits rapid identification of the hot face for correct brick placement during installation.

Unitab Brick Dimensions

Unitab Brick Layout

 UNITAB™E Unique (US Pat 4,453,352) Design Features

Built-in Expansion Taper Expansion allowance is built into Unitab-E kiln liners by means of specially designed brick tapers. Circumferential expansion is provided by a taper on one face, which begins partway between the cold face and the hot face. Longitudinal expansion is provided by a taper from hot face to cold face on one side. In operation, this taper design allows brick-to-brick load bearing near the cold face (where the brick is strongest) and provides precise expansion relief at the hot face. No additional expansion allowance is required.

Built-in Stress Relief Integral spacer tabs pressed into the brick near the hot face retain the circumferential expansion gap during liner installation. (At operating temperatures, the small cross-section tabs give way
to mitigate expansion stress.)

Built-in Hot Face Chamfer A chamfer on one hot face edge correctly identifies the hot face and properly orients each Unitab™E for simple and rapid installation. This feature facilitates proper positioning during installation and simplifies lining inspection afterward. 

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