Conventional Castable Refractories

Conventional Castable

Conventional castables are ideal for high-temperature applications where high mechanical strength, good thermal shock, abrasion, and corrosion resistance are crucial. Highly revered calcium alumina or CA gunning mixes like HM 70 are ideal for general purpose repairs. Ideal for high temperatures and erosion applications. Rescocast 17EG is ideal for erosion resistance and is excellent alumina cement-bonded gunning mixes.  View a full list of conventional refractory castable comparisons.

Conventional refractory castables also are known as general-purpose castables have a lime (CaO) content higher than 2.5%. The binder, calcium aluminate, and the 8-20% water content ensure significant strength at low and moderate temperatures. Conventional castables ease of installation, casting, makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. Conventional castables are commonly utilized in power plants, furnaces, aluminum production, rotary kilns, and more.

Alumina Silica Conventional Castable

The Rescocast family is alumina-silica based castable.  For more extreme applications Resco offers an alumina-silica conventional castable with abrasion resistance.