What is a Chemically Bonded Castables (No-Cement Castables)?

Chemically Bonded Castable

No-Cement Castables, also known as chemically bonded castables contains no cement improving resistances to alkali and other attacks. The most common binders for no-cement castables include colloidal silica and phosphate. High alumina chem-bonded castables can be installed through casting, pumping, gunning, coating, and hand-packing.

Extreme Service Castables:
Resco Products has produced specialized refractory products for “Extreme Service”. These extreme service castables are ideal for applications where excellent abrasion resistance is required. Resco’s Rescobond AA-22S is the world standard for abrasion resistant castables. Rescobond AA-22S is a 3000°F high alumina castable with a unique air-setting bond. AA-22S will bond to other refractory surfaces with minimal preparation making it ideal for patching. Other features of Rescobond AA-22S include high cold crushing strength, very low abrasion loss, and long storage life.