Trowleze TR -

Trowleze TR

TROWLEZE® Is a 40% alumina, versatile bonding mortar with exceptional troweling and buttering workability. It adheres to the trowel so it can be picked up and transferred to the brick without difficulty. It provides a strong, air-set bond and an even stronger ceramic bond upon firing. It has excellent volume stability, minimum shrinkage, high refractoriness to 3000ºF, uniform workability, good water retention, and thorough coverage for economical use. Use with high duty, superduty, 50% alumina, and 60% alumina brick. It is the recommended mortar of choice for installing insulating firebrick.
  • Chemistry : Alumina
  • Binder : Air Setting
  • Location : USA
  • Installation Method : Trowelling
  • Category : Mortar
  • Category : Wet Mortar
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