Sureflow 17EM (UK) -

Sureflow 17EM (UK)

SUREFLOW 17EM is a high cement, self-leveling castable that offers high strength and excellent resistance to abrasion. It has the same thermal conductivity as SUREFLOW 17EM with the added advantage of improved physical properties and flowing into place without vibration. This product should be installed by pouring; no vibration is needed during installation. It should be noted that SUREFLOW 17EM is not recommended for pumpcasting.
  • Chemistry : Alumina
  • Binder : Cement
  • Maximum Service Temperature Fahrenheit : 2500
  • Maximum Service Temperature Celcius : 1370
  • Location : UK
  • Installation Method : Self Flow
  • Category : Castable
  • Category : Conventional Castable
  • Category : Abrasion Resistant Castable
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