Rescocast 17EMG (UK) -

Rescocast 17EMG (UK)

RESCOCAST 17EMG gunning grade refractory is for gunite applications only and has a quick set time once water is added at the nozzle. It is less sensitive to lower installation temperatures and can usually be applied directly to the wall without “aging”. Lower thermal conductivity, higher resistance to thermal spalling and erosion are some of the unique properties of this patented system of raw materials. Data shown are average results of tests following the guidelines set forth in ASTM C-903 “Preparing Refractory Concrete Specimens by Cold Gunning”.
  • Chemistry : Alumina-Silica
  • Binder : Cement
  • Maximum Service Temperature Fahrenheit : 2500
  • Maximum Service Temperature Celcius : 1370
  • Location : UK
  • Installation Method : Gunning
  • Category : Castable
  • Category : Conventional Castable
  • Category : Abrasion Resistant Castable
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