Rescobond AA-22 Brushmix -

Rescobond AA-22 Brushmix

RESCOBOND AA-22 BRUSH MIX is a material that coating is ideal for strengthening existing refractory lining surfaces. It can be applied up to 1/4” thick providing increased refractory protection without a great loss of volume to your unit. RESCOBOND AA-22 BRUSH MIX is supplied wet or dry. however, water can be added to adjust the consistency. It can be applied with a brush, trowel, rubber float, roller, sprayer, etc. It hardens in air and becomes non-hydroscopic when heated to only 250 - 300°F.
  • Chemistry : Alumina
  • Binder : Phosphate
  • Location : USA
  • Installation Method : Coating
  • Category : Castable
  • Category : Chemically Bonded Castables
  • Category : Abrasion Resistant Castable
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