QUIKTURN 65SCC is a 65% Silicon Carbide based, ultra-low cement castable designed for vibration casting. This product is recommended for new and full lining repairs using anchored construction. Its High Thermal Conductivity makes it ideal for applications where high heat transfer is important. After the initial set, the furnace lining can be returned to operation without curing or the traditional controlled heating schedule. QUIKTURN 65SCC has excellent strength and abrasion resistance, resistance to thermal spalling & corrosion.
  • Chemistry : Alumina
  • Key Ingredient : silicon carbide
  • Binder : Cement
  • Maximum Service Temperature Fahrenheit : 2750
  • Maximum Service Temperature Celcius : 1510
  • Location : UK
  • Installation Method : Casting
  • Installation Method : Rapid Heat-up Monolithic
  • Category : Castable
  • Category : Low Cement Castable
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