Quikturn 56SCPC -

Quikturn 56SCPC

QUIKTURN 56 SCPC is a silicon carbide-based, ultra-low cement castable that can be vibration cast, pumped, or shotcreted. QUIKTURN 56 SCPC has very good resistance to alkali and abrasion along with high thermal conductivity. After the initial set, this unique castable can be heated without using the traditional ramp-and-hold heatup schedule. Refer to the recommended QUIKTURN heatup schedule for initial heatup.
  • Chemistry : Alumina
  • Key Ingredient : silicon carbide
  • Category : Monolithic
  • Category : Low Cement Castable
  • Installation Method : Casting
  • Installation Method : Pumping
  • Installation Method : Rapid Heat-up Monolithic
  • Location : USA
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