EZ Cast 85-AL -

EZ Cast 85-AL

EZ CAST? 85-AL is an aluminium non-wetting, 85% alumina, low cement castable designed to replace 85% alumina brick in aluminum furnaces. This product has exceptional strength and abrasion resistance particularly at 1500øF. It is also thermal shock resistant at 1500øF. It can be placed by vibration casting or self-flow casting. Its high strength and toughness, as well as its self-flow characteristics, are ideal for aluminum furnace charging ramps, hearths, and tap blocks where a smooth surface finish is desired and minimal vibration during casting is available.
  • Chemistry : Alumina
  • Key Ingredient : Aluminum non-wetting agent
  • Category : Monolithic
  • Category : Low Cement Castable
  • Installation Method : Casting
  • Installation Method : Self Flow
  • Location : USA
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