A-O Brush Mix -

A-O Brush Mix Mortar Brush

A-O BRUSH MIX is an oxidation protective coating for carbon containing refractory shapes. A-O BRUSH MIX is especially designed to coat MgO-C slagline brick of ladles by brushing or spraying to protect from carbon oxidation during the preheating period by forming high viscosity frits. It begins to soften at approximately 750oF and frits at 1100oF when formation of a dense layer seals the brick surface and joints to stop the penetration of oxygen. The molten A-O BRUSH MIX is very reactive. It reacts at high temperatures with viscosity increasing agents being part of the product, as well as with the MgO of bricks. Due to this property, A-O BRUSH MIX forms a protective layer even at 2500oF without flowing off.
  • Chemistry : Alumina
  • Location : USA
  • Installation Method : Trowelling
  • Category : Mortar
  • Category : Wet Mortar
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