Your Resco Products foundry representative will access your procedures and conditions to determine the best products to maximize the number of heats and your campaign longevity. Resco understands high density, low porosity and high purity results in low reactivity to protect vessels. Resco Products provides high quality refractory products and custom solutions to improve your workflow.

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Resco Products, Inc. has consistently maintained a long-standing commitment to foundries. This commitment is exemplified by the wide variety of brick specialty monolithic refractories and mineral products supplied by Resco. We are continually developing products for the full range of your application needs, including high/low-cement castables to high alumina plastics for maintenance repairs in furnace, trough and runner linings.

Iron and steel foundries have used a variety of Resco monolithic refractories such as high alumina castables and plastics for maintenance and repair of troughs, furnaces and many other foundry applications. Common Resco products sold include Kricon 32-70 and Nucon 80.

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For the better part of a century Resco Products has been creating high-quality refractory products across a vast array of applications & industries.  Search through our industries and applications and any questions our specialists are available!

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