DegasserVacuum degassing has become very important in the steel industry for secondary refining and secondary steel making. RH and tank degassers are typically used today with the former being used typically in integrated shops and the later in EAF shops.

RH DegasserThis degassing process initiates when both snorkels located at the base of a tall cylindrical vessel are immersed into the liquid steel contained in a ladle. Argon is injected into the molten steel through the upleg snorkel causing a pressure differential that leads to the flow of steel up the upleg and across the bottom of the vessel to the downleg. Low carbon contents can be achieved through the use of oxygen blowing as the metal is passing through the vessel and alloys can be added to achieve the final desired chemistry. This results in a ladle full of metal with little or no dissolved gases at the right chemistry and temperature for eventual casting. Typically, all RH degasser are refractory lined with magnesia-chrome brick of varying compositions depending on location if use in the vessel. Resco produces this complete range of refractory products. Typical products are: Nucon 60, Exceline FG-95, GRFG 100.

Tank DegasserTank degassing is the process of a ladle being placed into vacuum chamber and then sealed. After a vacuum is created in the chamber argon is injected through the bottom of the ladle through a porous plug stirring the metal and allowing for dissolved gases to be drawn away. Temperature can be adjusted by arc reheating and chemistry adjusted by alloying. Tank degassers are lined with high duty fire clay brick in the safety lining and high alumina bricks in the working lining. Working linings can also be shotcreted with a high alumina composition in the 60% alumina range. Your Resco Products degasser representative will evaluate your processes, conditions, and company goals to determine the optimal products. Resco has industry standard products and custom solutions depending on your application and conditions.  

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