Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF)

Since 2000 Resco Products has been one of the leading producers of Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) refractories in North America. Resco Products understands the detail it requires to create a BOF that stays in service. Safety and working refractory linings are designed to achieve the customer's goals via the use of variable compositions or shapes of differing lengths or geometries.

Resco can produce burned and burned, tar-impregnated compositions as well as resin-bonded compositions. The safety linings designed for today's barrel and cone sections are typically for a single campaign whereby the bottom can be designed for many years of service. The refractory working lining must be designed to meet each unique process to provide exceptional integrity for the life of the vessel ranging in years. The design must be balance so wear is uniform and gunning maintenance is kept minimal.

Resco Products BOF Working Lining Chart

BOF vessels can range from 90 to 300 tons.  The life of BOF refractory can vary greatly depending on factory practices.  Common working lining brands are Nuline 12XF and Nuline 12XWB 

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